I’ve always been a fan of sustainable skincare, but a few months ago I made the decision to swap my entire skincare routine for something cleaner. With the help of Coveted Market, I was able to seamlessly switch all of my products.

It is so important to look up the ingredients listed on the labels of your skincare routine. Most chemicals found in beauty products are small enough to penetrate the skin and enter our bloodstream. It is shocking the number of products on the market that contain potentially hazardous chemicals. To put in perspective, the E.U. has banned almost 1400 chemicals in beauty products, whereas the U.S. has banned only 30. To add to this, most parabens found in the best selling products are classified as skin irritants. I dare you to look up the ingredients used in your most loved products – how many of them are actually irritants or worse? When I did this, I found chemicals with strong evidence linking high doses with tumor formation – how fun. It’s safe to say I stopped using a few of my staples immediately.

While we cannot protect ourselves from all toxic parabens and chemicals found in daily life, I truly believe that for what we do have control over, such as our skincare routine, we should put an effort into using clean non-toxic products.

I’ve tried many clean beauty brands in the past and (most) have disappointed me in the product experience and performance. I started to believe that clean beauty couldn’t accomplish the same things as their chemical swaps, until recently. Sustainability and clean beauty are starting to gain mainstream popularity, which is why more companies are starting to carry clean beauty lines. With this movement, comes an added complication of trying to find out which products are actually clean and which are greenwashing. Coveted Market is a great resource for finding different non-toxic brands you can trust. They believe “in clean beauty (without the compromise)”. A clean beauty product should be non-toxic, high quality, and carefully chosen – all of which Coveted Market highlights in their mission statement.M

Step 1: Cleanser

Using the NUORI cleanser is a dream. This creamy foaming cleanser pampers your skin while removing makeup and dirt. You apply this cleanser on dry skin, gently massage and rinse with water. The natural essential oils give a very mild, clean, and refreshing scent – I immediately feel like I am in a luxurious spa. Because I have very dry skin, I need a cleanser that won’t strip my skin of natural oils – which NUORI executes seamlessly. I’ve been using this both morning and night.

Step 2: Toner

Like my cleanser, I need a toner that will hydrate while it works. I knew I was going to love the WOODLOOT toner when I saw the first ingredient was rose water, my favorite. Shake and apply on a cotton ball to use after cleansing. It has a mild smell of rose, which I love, and it leaves my face feeling extra clean. I like to apply this in the morning before my moisturizer.

Step 3: Eye Cream

I struggle with dark circles. It doesn’t matter if I’ve slept ten or two hours, my dark circles will look the same. I will try any (clean) product to help brighten my under eyes. Dr. Goldfaden’s Advanced Ultra-Light Brightening Eye Cream really surprised me with the product experience. After application, you feel this really divine cooling effect under your eyes. It isn’t too intense, but just enough to feel like something is working – perfect to wake up in the morning. I apply it both morning and night for optimal results. After using it religiously for 2 weeks I started to notice my under eyes significantly brighter – now I am hooked.

Step 4: Serum

If you like a naturally dewy finish, this serum is for you. Graydon’s Superfood Serum leaves your skin feeling and looking like you just sprayed some facial mist. I haven’t come across many serums that leave my skin dewy and last all day. The serum is packed with antioxidants and skin superfoods. I like to apply this at night before moisturizer or in the morning on my cheekbones, temples, and lips for that perfect dewy look.

Step 5: Moisturizer

To top it off, I have been using the NUORI Vital Face Cream as my daily moisturizer. This light moisturizer is made to restore the skin’s natural moisture levels and is packed with amazing ingredients such as botanical squalane, jojoba oil, and almond oil. I am very particular when it comes to moisturizers. I need something that is lightweight, but still works wonders (dry skin, remember?). The NUORI Vital Face Cream is light enough to wear under makeup, but still provides impressive hydration. I tested this moisturizer after a week in the sun and my skin, to my embarrassment, was a bit sunburned. It prevented further peeling and helped heal my skin.

The Results

Overall the swap from my usual routine was much easier than I had anticipated. I didn’t have any strange reactions to the products, thanks to the ingredient lists, which I find sometimes happens with my sensitive skin. A little goes a long way with these products. I could see how my new clean skincare routine might last longer than my old routine, which is yet another reason to invest. A very positive learning experience altogether, let me know in the comments below what your favorite clean beauty products are!

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